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Let's find out together how we can make your Interactive Paper project a success!

  • 25-minute video call

  • Professional advice on all your questions

  • Development of a concept tailored to your needs

Our success stories

Interactive webinar promotion: Novartis leads doctors into the digital world.
Interactive Paper supports BD in creating a hospital of the future.
Time is health or how Pfizer succeeds in pharmaceutical marketing.
3M launches their product in 24 countries using Interactive Paper.
Building stronger relationships with potential clients after a congress.
How Three successfully reached their audience at homes and stores with Interactive Paper.
Motorola creates an unbelievable 3D experience with the Interactive Paper.
Samsung creates an interactive shopping experience.
Erste Bank creates excitement for an annual event through this unusual invitation.
How Samsung used Interactive Paper to connect to customers even after their purchase.
Simplifying complicated banking procedures through innovative technology.
How Smart Living revolutionised interior design with Interactive Paper.
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